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Eppley Caribbean Property Fund Limited SCC is a Barbados registered, listed closed-end mutual fund. It is comprised of two segregated cells (funds). The funds invest in real estate properties in the Caribbean and internationally, offering investors the opportunity to earn income and/or long term capital gains from a portfolio of properties. These funds are listed on the Barbados Stock Exchange and the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange. The fund was previously known as the Fortress Caribbean Property Fund SCC and was managed by Fortress Fund Managers until March 31, 2018.

Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Value Fund

Invests actively in a portfolio of income-producing rental properties with steady long term growth prospects.

Caribbean Property Fund SCC - Development Fund

Invested primarily in development properties with the goal of resale in the medium term.

Investors may purchase shares in either fund on the Barbados Stock Exchange or the Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange. Purchases and sales of the shares can be made through any of the locally registered brokers. The shares may trade at either a premium or discount to net asset value, depending on market conditions.

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