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Eppley originates and invests in leases, loans, receivables and other forms of credit. We source opportunities directly using our own network of bankers, accountants, attorneys and other partners. Through our investment activities, Eppley is a leading provider of structured term loans, finance leases, receivables factoring and insurance premium financing mostly in Jamaica and the English-Speaking Caribbean.


Eppley makes credit investments on its own account and credit and mezzanine investments through the Caribbean Mezzanine Fund.


Eppley invests in real estate opportunities consistent with our investment strategy. We are primarily focused on acquiring properties that offer attractive rental yields relative to the profile of our underlying tenants and consider capital appreciation a critical but secondary source of return. Eppley also focuses on transactions in which size, speed or complexity makes our expertise, access to financing and decisiveness a competitive advantage.

Eppley owns and operates real estate on its own account. In addition, Eppley manages a real estate portfolio through the Eppley Caribbean Property Fund.

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