Eppley Limited is an investment company that originates and invests in credit opportunities in Jamaica, the Caribbean and Central America. The Company’s shares are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (EPLY).  Our investors include a regional conglomerate, pension funds, high worth investors and our directors and managers.


Investment Strategy

Access to capital in the Caribbean and Central America is low. Access is constrained by impediments that are specific to region and structural in nature. These impediments make the region’s capital markets inefficient. Eppley’s strategy is to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by exploiting these inefficiencies. 
Eppley originates and invests in leases, loans, receivables and other forms of credit across the Caribbean and Central America where returns exceed the risk of loss. Eppley sources such opportunities directly using its own network of bankers, accountants, attorneys and other institutional investors throughout the region.
To maximize its ability to be flexible and to act decisively, Eppley is managed by a small team of investment professionals and primarily invests its own capital. Eppley's current policy is to distribute the vast majority of its returns to shareholders through quarterly cash dividends.